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Cheers to a delicious glass of wine!

They are essential for an evening in town. But where to find a good glass of wine? I will show you a couple of my personal favourites.

The first wine bar that opened its doors in Utrecht. I have to admit that this bar is a bit hidden, but located in the heart of the city centre, situated behind the Voorstraat. Find yourself a comfy seat and ask the advice of Julian, the owner. There is no wine list but a tremendous amount of wines per glass. Did this whet your appetite for wine? Just order a plate of charcuteries next to your glass of wine. While you are enjoying your glass of wine and the company, time will fly and chances are you will be a bit rosy at the end of the evening.Tip: Vinvin hosts a live jazz band regularly. Check the dates on the website.

My personal favourite! Walk into this snug and cosy bar at all times of the day, the coffee is award-winning too. No wine list here either, describe your taste and the waiter will come up with a couple of glasses you can try at your table. Still no winner along them just ask for another one to try. In the evening it can get a bit packed in this bar and to share a table is a common thing to do.  Found your spot?  Order a Talud9 platter which a lot jummy thing like cheeses and even a salami with the taste of coffee! A lovely evening is guaranteed.

Café Gastmaal and wineshop Vleck
Near the Griftpark  café  Gastmaal can be found. A lovely spot to relax. What is even better, is that wine shop Vleck can be entered via café Gastmaal. So did you spot a great bottle of wine? Just ask if they can open it for you in the café. You don’t have to go home just yet! The dishes on the menu are to die for. My personal favourite is the mackerel rillette.

Winebar Levebvre
A hotspot you cannot miss at the Neude square, a gem among locals. The wine list offers a wines per glass within a price range of €3,75 to €5,75. With a diverse crowd, this spot is rarely quiet. Finding a table on their terrace is like finding a golden ticket: it’s the best spot in Utrecht. Santé!

On the Ledig Erf square is where you’ll find wine bar Zies, specialized in Spanish and Portugese wines. Order their homemade tapas and enjoy the vibe of Ledig Erf. Do you want to stay a bit longer? That is a very good idea as they are a great spot to have dinner.

Petit Clos
Can’t you get enough of all the nice wine bars? Good news: we also have some fantastic wine shops to buy some new found favourites. Sjors, the owner of Petit Clos, will tell you all about his wines and which wine is best for you. Wine tastings are organised now and then on Sunday afternoons in this shop behind the Dom church.

Other shops that are worth visiting are Margaret Wines at the Oudkerkhof and liquor store Besseling at the Kanaalstraat.


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