blog Mother Goose is introducing its all new White Goose Package

Mother Goose's new package is proof that Utrecht is the perfect place to get pampered!

When one of our hotels has a creative new way to surprise guests, we cannot help but brag about it! Which is exactly why we are so excited to tell you about Mother Goose's all new package: the White Goose Package!

Four shades of geese
Mother Goose is known for two things: her perfect care for her guests - she literally takes them under her wings - and the beautiful floors, named after the four types of geese that exist in nature: white, grey, brown and black. Our guests love the look and feel of the different floors, and tell us the best stories about why they have a preference for a certain floor. From wedding nights or pamper weekends on the White Goose Floor to a good night's rest before a stressful weekend in the soothing hues of brown on the Brown Goose Floors, we've heard them all!
So why not offer packages to match these experiences? In the coming months, Mother Goose will be introducing an all new package for each floor - with a surprising and all-Utrecht experience to match.

Goose on a mission
First up is the White Goose Package, an ode to the peaceful, refreshing and relaxing color. Put together with the utmost respect to proper pampering, the package was supposed to make guests enjoy a true guilt-free experience. That is why we chose our partners carefully: is their mission to delight with good intentions? We believe we succeeded: not only do our guests get to enjoy a night in a White Goose Room, they are also treated to cookies from De Koekfabriek, a project that provides jobs to people with a mental illness. A pamper experience is not complete without a treatment at a spa. But, being Mother Goose, not just any spa will do. We looked for a spa that was able to delight our guests both visually and in service. With Five City Spa, we know we found the perfect partner. Breaking all conventions about openings hours and traditional training, Five City Spa knows how to go the extra mile to delight guests... much like Mother Goose! Complete your stay with breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot: Daen's, and with Mother Goose's handpicked top 5 pampering tips in Utrecht.

But... how to give our guests something to keep the pampering going at home? A trip to Lush was the answer: 100% vegetarian, ethically conscious massages bars will leave guests relaxed for weeks to come!

Who will you be delighting with a pampering session? Click here to find out more about the package, or book through


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