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Utrecht is the most loved shopping city of the Netherlands!

The Dutch often say “Shall we meet in the middle?” Obviously they mean: “Shall we meet in Utrecht?” The beaten track for shopping in Utrecht is the Oudegracht: the ultimate high street with the well-known brands where you can shop till you drop. However, if you keep walking along the Oudegracht it will lead you to the lesser known but oh so stylish Twijnstraat.

The Twijnstraat is one of the streets that I would not want you to miss out on. Not only does it boast some of my favorite boutiques, it is also a walhalla of great restaurants and lunch spots. In this blog I will highlight a couple of Twijnstraat hotspots so you will get to know this street a bit.

An aesthetically pleasing mix of interior, art and clothes makes this shop unique. With its light and airy layout, you can easily stroll around for a while. Pretty interior accessories go hand in hand with a unique collection of clothes, so the possibilities of what you’ll end up walking out the door with are endless. That is why this place is one of my all-time favourites.

A charming little lunch spot, that’s KEEK. With its kitchen table cosiness, it is an absolute favorite among locals. So if you can’t spot an empty table right away, just slip by the bar to find another room with little spots amidst the splendid collections of plants. On the menu: organic dishes and juices only. Tip: order the cheese scone with egg salad and veggie/fruit juice on the side. They are my absolute favorite! A bigger appetite? Order the KEEK-lunch. Ask one of the lovely ladies of KEEK what they have in store for you this time.

Tip: Loved what you had and want to bring some of the products home? Take a left when leaving the lunch room to find the KEEK shop. May the feast begin.

Mooi & Belle
An interior shop that will turn interior lovers into hoarders. Every time I visit Mooi & Belle my heart skips a beat and I turn into a kid in a candy shop. From beautiful postcards to tableware and books to fine jewellery. You will find it all in this shop. Enjoy your shopping!

This shop can be spotted from a mile away. A colourful window filled with meringues, macarons and oat cookies…characteristic for Stach. Just go inside and pick one of the huge macarons and perhaps buy some snacks for cocktail hour at home.

Thing I like things I love
Falling in love with one of the Items from this shop won’t take long. An outfit that matches many moods and events can be found here, from head to toe. Not in the mood for fitting? They also have a beautiful collection of interior accessories, so be sure to check it out.

Of course many great shops can be found in the Twijnstraat. In this stylish street it will take you a couple of hours to explore everything. You will come across Stael and Sector 3 when you walk pass Stach. Stroll a bit further in the Twijnstraat and many other shops can be discovered like: fish shop Visjes, wine bar Zies, burger bar Meneer Smakers and Ledig Erf which is a gathering of bars and restaurants. Also a couple of clothing stores can be found here. So a visit to clothing store Transit is always a good idea.


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