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Coffee monsters be prepared; we are going on a coffee hunt

Because where will you go on your city trip? What is the best spot for a coffee date? And where to stop for a coffee break if you are the appointed guide for that day? In this blog I will show you a couple of the finest coffee bars among many others you can find in Utrecht. Some are a bit hidden or located out of the city center, others you will find at small squares or along the new docks of our canals. So take your pick. I’ll make sure you have a good spot and a coffee to impress. Because coffee is a serious thing! It is a cup of black gold, the most ordered drink in the world. Most importantly: it fuels our commute to work in the morning.

Elize is the perfect spot to drop by in the morning. Get a quick espresso to go before starting your day or sit down for a lazy Sunday morning. More time on your hands? Enjoy a scrumptious brunch in the French atmosphere. It’s never too early for that mimosa, it’s always five ‘o’clock somewhere, right?! But don’t forget it is never too late to order that coffee. So go for it - it tastes even better when  served by Elize herself, obviously.

Bar Beton
Under the wings of the Dom you will find Bar Beton. The massive map of Utrecht on the wall will make you find yourself in the city time and again. Would you rather watch the hustle and bustle of Utrecht? Take a seat at the little bar in the window. There is nothing nicer than to see people making their way to work or a special rendez-vous... This bar is perfect to catch up and to have a laugh with your friends before heading into the city. Do you need more time to catch up? Then pick your seat in the back of the bar. Ultimate chillaxing guaranteed.

Lewis Book Bookcafé
Excessive coffees with an enormous dollop of cream and a good book is what you’ll find at Lewis Bookcafé. And as they said themselves strong tales and proper coffee will be served here. This coffee bar is a little hidden but really worth a visit. The place may look a bit small but do not make the mistake to think it is. Sneak down the winding staircase to find yourself in a homey and snug room, which has a Harry Potter-ish feel. Find yourself a large armchair or go sit at the long table that feels more like a kitchen table at home where there is always a spot for someone extra. The coffee is waiting for you to spend your day with a cup and a book. Get lost in a novel and immerse yourself in the great atmosphere. You might like to know that this a good lunch spot and in the summers it has a small terrace.

Drip coffee is the magic word in this light and splendid shop at the Vredenburg. The smell of freshly roasted coffee will meet your nose at the door. Everything here is made with love and to make a choice is quite hard sometimes. But I highly recommend their drip coffee. What’s better than hearing your very own coffee brew dripping into your cup? After all, this gives you time to hear all about the story behind your coffee. The owners have traveled the world and selected the most delicious coffees to take home with them. So pop your questions at them and hear if you need a strong coffee as a kick starter. Or a more delicate roast is more suitable for you.

Coffee all dripped out into your mug?! Then go sit down at one of the tables and order a piece of pie, they are homemade.This definitely is a good place to be, happy mornings and relaxed afternoons can be found here.  

Koffie en Ik
A living room with a minimalistic touch and a long table in de back, magazines scattered around, a bunch of flowers and regular guests that are a day short of paying rent. That’s Koffie en Ik. On the menu organic and creative sandwiches with local delights from Morty’s deli that can be found on the Kanaalstraat. Characteristic is the letterboard with numerous coffees and tea options. My personal favorite is the honey latte. Usually I drink a doppio but sometimes my sweet tooth takes over, conveniently when I step into Koffie en Ik! And be warned: the display filled with cakes is in plain sight. To eat the cake or not eat the cake would be the question.


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