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Planning the perfect Mother's Day - it seems so easy, but what to do?! Spending it in Utrecht is a great way to start and we will help you plan the rest!

Mother's Day was much simpler to plan when I was five - a drawing and an uncooked egg on untoasted bread (which, oddly, looked nothing like the eggs and toast my mother would make for me) were all it took for my mom to be happy, to feel appreciated. Today, a little over 20 years later, I am no longer sure of how to convey my appreciation for her. Although I am a strong believer in 'the little things' like flowers or an unplanned lunch together, I have now set my sights on planning the perfect Mother's Day - in Utrecht! Read on, and you might just be inspired to do some of this stuff yourself. 


Bigger = better
I decided to start with the basics. A day in Utrecht is nice, but not as nice as a whole weekend. Just like my birthdays used to be week-long events, I have decided to extend Mother's Day to Mother's Weekend. 
And not just any weekend, but a weekend in an Utrecht City Hotel! With Eye Hotel, Mother Goose, Court Hotel and Hotel26, there is lots to choose from. I decided to go with Eye Hotel, which is conveniently located near some of the sights I would like to discover with my mother.


Coffee is among the many things my mother and I have in common and is the best way to start our weekend, as it allows us to catch up. I will be taking my mother to De Ontdekking, a block away from Eye Hotel. This former travel agency has great coffee, smoothies and even lunch, and is on our way to some of the other things I would like to do do with her. 


A walk
Among my mother's favorite things to do is taking a walk. I have decided to show her some of my favorite neighbourhoods and spots, less known to visitors of Utrecht. From De Ontdekking, we'll stroll along the Plompetorengracht to the sweetest little streets of the city, adjacent to the former prison complex Wolvenplein. Local initiatives such as pop up dining, an escape room and an art gallery are now housed in the building. From there we will walk along the water to the Biltstraat, where locals meet for drinks, dinner and shopping, away from the busy city centre. But we have no time to linger, as we will be having lunch at Cornelis, one of my absolute favorite places tucked away in the Wittevrouwen neighbourhood. From there, we will make our way to the Nachtegaalstraat, which is the other limit of the Wittevrouwen area, where shopping is on the agenda! If we have not satisfied our spending craving, the Oudkerkhof sure will do the trick. Don't miss Morpheus while you are there, they designed Eye Hotel and Mother Goose and have some amazing styling tips and items that will make your house look as new. From there, the Oudegracht will lead us to the brand new Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht's new and improved mall that houses all the big brands, as well as my mother's favorite: Zara Home!


After a quick stop at the hotel we will be making our way to Tiger Mama, Eye Hotel's neighbour. This Asian inspired place offers a 10-course menu for under 30 euros. The food is great and the service even better. I have not been waited on this well in a very long time! The interior design sure helps too!


Off to bed
Ending this day at Eye Hotel might be my favorite part - the design, the people and the location make the weekend unforgettable!


Spending Sunday waking up slow and then having brunch at Ted's is the perfect endng to the perfect Mother's Weekend! 



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