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Think outside the canals and discover these spots in Utrecht too!

Let's talk geography. Real Utrecht citizens have a weird sense of it, thinking that life ends where the canals start (much like New Yorkers, but at a much, much smaller scale). If you can't walk somewhere within 10 minutes from Dom Square, it simply does not exist. Fortunately, we know better. Our friends at Frisse Mosterd (Dutch website only - sorry!) dedicated their latest issue to all of the amazing hotspots beyond the canals, 82 of them to be precise! We selected a few of them for you to discover on your trip here. You'll be able to get there on foot within 20 minutes mostly, or by bike in less than 10. We even have the bikes for you to take on your tour!
Anyway - here are our favorites:

  1. LE:EN (7 minutes from Dom Square by bike, 15 on foot) 
    We have never seen a former garage this stylish. Its Berlin like feel with a touch of Asia is a reason to visit, but the food is what we come here for. The Asian fusion cuisine with small dishes to share is amazing!
    (see header picture)
  2. De Zagerij & Het Ketelhuis (8 minutes from Dom Square by bike, 17 on foot)
    While you're in the neighborhood visit the former Pastoe factory. This Dutch furniture brand left its factory to De Zagerij and Het Ketelhuis, the former more laid-back and with a lovely terrace on the water, the latter more fancy, a great place for a romantic meal. 
  3. Buurten in de Fabriek (10 minutes from Dom Square by bike, 20 on foot)
    This second location of Buurten - a super child-friendly restaurant - is located in a former factory along one of Utrecht's non-down town canals. Both inside and outside you'll find lots of things for your kids to enjoy while you take in the cool vibe and a chilled drink. 
  4. Cornelis (4 minutes from Dom Square by bike, 10 on foot)
    I know, I know... We have told you about Cornelis before. But we have to mention them here. WE LOVE THEM! They brew what we need, they bake what we crave and they sell what we desire in our homes. 
  5. Vaartsche Rijn (10 minutes from Dom Square by bike, 20 on foot)
    This restaurant is often named the best in Utrecht, but it has decided to close its doors! NOW is the time to eat there, get that experience you'll look back on and long for for the rest of your life (sorry!).

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