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A new favorite at the Janskerkhof.

Once in a while a new gem is opening and you know from that moment on it will be your new spot to hang out. The new favourite! Well... The Streetfood Club is the perfect example of this. On the corner between the Dom church and the Janskerkhof you will find this new star. With a large pink terrace, you can spot The Streetfood Club from afar.

The interior of the restaurant is breath taking, so many colours and little spots to look at… It is an urban jungle, one that makes us happy. The interior is an eclectic whole where colours, plants and a lot of exotic animals are not lacking. And another thing to do in here is to take a peek at the stained glass roof. Just a Wow! is escaping your mouth! Here is where the light is coming through and where the sun is saying hello to you.

Now we will continue with the most important thing: the food and cocktails. YES! Cocktails, that’s where we start. And oh my lord, the cocktail list is brilliant! Non alcoholic-, low alcohol and some stiff brews are on it. This time I ordered a Bao Bae and as described on the menu it will bring me a: “I like big buns and I cannot lie!” cocktail. Tip: Are you not seated near the bar? Then come a bit closer to get a view at the assortment a funny and unnamed (at least for me) cocktail attributes that are displayed at the bar. It’s fun to watch with how much care the cocktails are made by the elegant bartenders.

After many sips my glass is empty and it is time to take a look at the menu. A little trip to Asia and South America is made as you study the menu. Two of my favourite continents to travel to! The choices will be hard as all the dishes look very pleasant. To give you some good tips: go for the eggplant with fig, the picanha with chimmichurri, fries with rendang and the elotes (corncobs). The dishes are a good size and can all be shared. Some dishes are not made to eat with cutlery so leave them behind. After all the restaurant is named The Streetfood Club. 


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