blog Snack attack! Did anyone say fries and burgers?!

A burger, fries or rather a Dutch ‘kroket’? We have it all in Utrecht.

But where to find the best options?

Meneer Smakers
The burgers of Meneer Smakers have names such as grandpa Harry, aunt Mila and uncle Jimmie. The basic burgers are made from beef, but there are also options with salmon, chicken, lamb and several vegetarian ones. Order a portion of handmade fries on the side and take a seat on one of the colourful chairs and wait until… they shout out your name.  They have three restaurants in Utrecht, so wherever you are in the city, a burger of Meneer Smakers is within reach.

Ellis Gourmet Burger
At the Neude you will find this restaurant where they make hamburgers old school style,

but a little twist is added. For example, the Blue Madness burger with (as you can guess) indeed blue cheese. Order a portion of their signature onion rings and you find your golden ticket in the middle of the city centre of Utrecht. The beer you ordered earlier is coming your way. Enjoy.

De Croquetten Boutique
Oh my lord! This spot is a mecca for the Dutch “kroket” lover and therefore also for us. The Croquetten boutique reinvented the croquet. The menu changes regularly but the classic Blonde ‘d Aquitaine is always on the menu. Are you more into sweets? As you are a real sweet tooth! No worries, they also have a sweet option. It’s hard to imagine isn’t it?! Tip: unable to choose? They also have a tasting where you get a few small croquettes. Long live the croquet!

Frites Atelier
If you think fries are just fries… think again! Not at Sergio Herman’s Frites Atelier. Over here the fries are very stylish. At this spot hip music is playing and you order a homemade ice tea on the side while enjoying your fries. The great thing at this place is that they have special sauces and a monthly special. But the all-round favourite is still fries with Flemish stew.

Dapp frietwinkel
The Dapp frietwinkel is in an alleyway of the Neude square, you cannot walk by without entering. You get an instant appetite in fries when you smell the freshly baked potatoes. These are by far the tastiest fries of Utrecht. Everything here is organic and you also can taste this in their products. Also try the goat cheese croquettes. Take a seat on the bench in front of the store, because on sunny days you will enjoy yourself over there.


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