blog Cosiness at the Ganzenmarkt

The square that always buzzes, it's our spot to relax a little.

This piece of Utrecht is located in the city centre and you’ll find a concentration of charming cafes and shops over here. It is the ideal spot to hang out in the summer as the sun shines its light on the Ganzenmarkt from morning until the very last rays of sunshine. This abundance of sun makes winter time on the Ganzenmarkt a real treat..

Shop your heart out in the sweet boutiques and sit down at one of the many cafes to recover from it all. At night-time blend in with the locals, who have made this square their go-to spot for drinks and cocktails.

Stan & Co
… is a bar to walk into at all times of the day. But the most fun time of day is cocktail hour. They have a splendid cocktail list, I guarantee you! The design of the bar is derived from the New York Meatpacking district and the waiters look like they walked straight off the set of the series Peaky Blinders.

Bar Cava
The new kid on the block! In this homey bar, find your table (shaped like a wooden barrel) to sit down and sip from your cava. Also nice to know is that you can get as fancy as you wish at this bar - but it is not necessary. They serve glasses from € 3,00 which makes us very happy. Order those oysters! They are within the budget. Hasta Pronto Bar Cava.

Daens’s Concept store en Café
In the old fire station of Utrecht, this concept store found its new home. Gorgeous fashion for him and her go hand in hand with travel books and luxurious perfumes. Let it be no secret that Daen’s is one of my personal favourites to shop. But did you know… they also serve a lovely breakfast or lunch? I did warn you when I say the cheesecake is irresistible.  Daens’ terrace is conveniently so the perfect spot to enjoy the sun!

Live Today
A gem of an interior store where they sell a beautiful mix of vintage and new items. The vintage items are collected by the owner and often come from afar. You can easily stroll around for a while. Don’t be surprised if you leave the store with something very unique. Pay extra attention to the historic building in which Live Today is located. No lack of atmosphere in this store!

De Burgermeester
You would actually walk past this little shop. Just go inside and order a soup. My advice is to order the Malaysian chicken soup or the Surinam peanut soup. Not in the mood for soup? Order a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles or a panini.


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