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Our favorite place for coffee and homemade pie.

As true Utrecht lovers, we regularly visit new places, eat new things, and check out new hotspots. This of course to tell our guests all about it, and advise them on the nicest places to eat or have coffee. The fact that we have to try cake or taste wine along the way, is a bonus!

However, some things never change. Like the fact that we still consider Daen's the best place in town for coffee and homemade pie. Why? Because they make all of their cakes and pies themselves. Because the places always smells like something amazing is baking. Because their coffee is just as good as their pies. Because their terrace is perfect to catch even the smallest ray of sunshine. And of course because they are located on Utrecht's nicest square: the Ganzenmarkt!

Korte Minrebroederstraat 13
+31 30 231 3823


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