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Night owl or early bird, it doesn’t matter, a great breakfast is always a good idea!

Even if you have to start up in the morning or that you are ready to go… I’ll give you a couple of good breakfast spots where you might drink an extra cup of tea because it’s so cosy.

De Rechtbank
Not only for the hotel guests of Court Hotel is well taken care of but also you will be pampered. A delicious breakfast with fresh fruit, juices and different types of bread and toppings, but also a bowl with yoghurt and granola are waiting for you in the brasserie. Do not forget to order a cappuccino. They are delightful here! Be there early because the breakfast is available until eleven.

Is a spot where you can have breakfast all day. This of course is fantastic news if you are a real morning snuggler. Brioche bread with banana, bacon, icing sugar and maple syrup is calling your name already. I still have trouble with what to choose. As Teds is known for its poached eggs, breakfast without eggs is not complete. The Triple Omega and the Eggs Florentine are certainly worth a visit to Teds.

De Bakkerswinkel
On the eye this looks like a little hotspot with only a few tables, but make no mistake. In the wharf cellar you can easily disappear for a few hours and enjoy a divine breakfast or brunch. When entering this shop, a display full with treats such as scones, quiches, croissants, pies and sandwiches are calling your name. What to choose or not to choose will be a hard task to complete. If you really want to have an experience in Utrecht, be sure to stop by and have breakfast in one of the wharf cellars.

Rabarber petit café
Well… this is just a perfect spot. Good coffee and a Croque-Monsieur are frequently ordered here. Find a spot at the window so you can daydream a little. The great thing with Rabarber is that you can order everything all day. It doesn’t matter a what time you order breakfast it is always the perfect time at Rabarber to order a breakfast.

This unique concept is a must try. Different types of yogurt are displayed (the also have a lactose-free and vegan option). First you decide what kind of yogurt you want and then add several toppings such as fresh fruit, chocolate or the Dutch stroopwafel crumbs. The options are endless. My favourite is the energy explosion (I love the almonds). Do you not feel like to eat a yogurt? In the barn they also serve marvellous toast.


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