blog 5x get some fresh air in the most stunning parks and forests of Utrecht

Spring has arrived and the sun is showing itself more and more!

We go outside again to explore the finest spots to unwind ourselves. The Dutch are known for their love for that first sunbeam in springtime. We get a little bit over excited! So yes, you can find us on the terraces as soon as the sun shows itself. As a result, the terraces are quickly packed. A good alternative is to go into the parks and forests, take a lovely walk or perhaps organize a picnic.

The Griftpark is the most frequently visited park in Utrecht. And it will not come as a surprise when you consider everything you need in a park is here. Numerous nice cafes and restaurants are located around this park. Café Gastmaal, café Oost, restaurant bij Guusjes, coffee bar Rocking Chair and restaurant Badhu (formerly this was a bathhouse) are good examples of this. Families like to come here for the petting zoo and athletes can do their work outs with their beloved ’burpees'. Find a spot in the grass and enjoy a lazy day. Tip: Check if a festival is organised when you visit Utrecht. There are a couple of festivals organised in the Griftpark each year.

The oldest park in Utrecht with its imposing trees and beautiful hiking trails. Here you can often find me on a sunny day. The large lawn in the park is incredibly popular for picnics, barbecuing and playing games. If you want it a little quieter, find a spot around the elegant pond with fountain to have a romantic tête à tête. Created a small appetite? Then just order a small bite and drink at the Wilhelminapark restaurant which is located in the middle of the park.

Park Lepelenburg and the Zocherpark
This city park is most loved among locals. It is located in the middle of the city and stretches along the canal. The green area that runs next to the canal was created after the city walls of Utrecht were demolished. Nowadays you can find long hiking trails. While you are hiking these trails you will come across the city theatre and the observatory. Park Lepelenburg is the neighbouring lawn where you will find a bandstand. Music performances are often organised during the summer. The alias for this park is park Tivoli. This refers to the music building across the city. Done with wandering around? Then go the Ledig Erf where you’ll find a huge amount of lovely bars and restaurants.

Park Oog in Al
A much smaller and quieter park than the parks in the city center. The old-fashioned bridges and the Munt building are the eye-catchers in this park. Park Oog in Al is small but as we say: ‘small is beautiful’. After you wandered around a little bit you can get a lunch at Buurten de Fabriek or you can walk a little bit further to the city beach called SOIA.

Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen
These forests are just outside the city centre of Utrecht but very easy to reach by bike or public transport. In the weekends you can find a lot of locals over here. Mingle among them and enjoy a beautiful hike along the Kromme Rijn. Are you done with hiking? Then pay a visit to the Veldkeuken where the vegetable garden is the heart of this kitchen. A bit further you will find restaurant Vroeg where lunch is fantastic.


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