blog 5 x a Fancy dinner in Utrecht

Everything for a perfect night out, these are our recommendations:

Restaurant Blauw
This classic restaurant in Utrecht is located in a side street of the Maria square.

In this Indonesian restaurant you can eat one of the most divine rice tables ever. It already feels a little bit like vacation in Indonesia. Let yourself be surprised by all the flavors this kitchen has to offer. My personal favourite is the Ikan Pesmo Betawi, a sea bream filet with typical herbs from Indonesia.

Le Jardin
In this restaurant the leading role is taken by the veggies. And I have to admit, they are showstoppers. The restaurant has a Parisian feel and touch. The many plants and flowers from the florist next door will make your welcome a warm one. You may even imagine you found a little Parisian gem in the middle of Utrecht. In the back of the restaurant you’ll find a tiny glass house where Le Jardin grows its own herbs: they fulfil the other leading role in this restaurant. All dishes are organic. Meat and fish are served but in minimal portions. The three-course menu is very affordable, so you might consider to add an extra course or wine package to your dinner.

Sea Salt Saloon
Think crisp shrimp croquettes, a Dutch lobster “bitterbal”, ceviche or divine cockles! Get the picture?! Order a Belgian white beer and enjoy! Most dishes at the menu are to share. However, if you decide that today is not the day to share, just eat those lobster bitter balls on your own. The dishes vary in price so you can get as fancy as you wish.

Florent is one of those restaurants that is still well hidden for the people outside Utrecht. However, I really want to share it with you. Florent can be found just behind the Maria square and serves French-Belgian dishes. The choice will be difficult because the French-Belgian cuisine is renowned for its great taste explosions. The chef works with seasonal products and preferably also with local products. If you are not in the mood to go out in the evening or just cannot get enough of Florent… They also have a Sunday brunch here.

Le Héron
This restaurant is a little bit hidden too. The small white building which is the residence of Le Héron, is located in the middle of the Museum Quarter. You can recognize it by the sign with the héron hanging on the front. The restaurant is minimalistic and all the attention goes to the dishes they serve. Everything is selected with great care. The same can be said for the héron which is their source of inspiration.


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