blog 5 Hamburger Joints to celebrate World Hamburger Day at!

Happy World Hamburger Day!

Mmm... We can't wait until Saturday May 28th: World Hamburger Day!
And where does one celebrate such a holiday? Utrecht of course!
We handpicked some of our favorites for you to enjoy:

  1. It goes without saying that our all-time favorite is Firma Pickles Burgers & Wines. Not only because they serve the most delicious wines and burgers, but also because the design of this hotspot makes having a burger a stylish affair. And good news: there is a second location coming to our beautiful Oudegracht!
    Drieharingstraat 1-3 //
  2. A close second is Meneer Smakers (roughly translated: Mister Tasters) and should not be missed! With three locations in Utrecht Meneer Smakers has become an important name in the Utrecht hotspot dictionary. We recommend you try the 'Ome Huib'!
    Nobelstraat 143, Twijnstraat 62 and Oudegracht 116 //
  3. Are you looking for a mouthwatering takeout burger? Mother Goose's neighbours at Burger Bar let you put together your own burger. Enjoy it there, on a bench on one of Utrecht's beautiful squares or take it to your room for a sinfully delicious burger and Netflix night.
    Schoutenstraat 15 //
  4. Number four on this list is not technically a burger joint, but grill bar Speck is so beautifully located, stylishly designed and good with a grill, that their burgers had to be included in this list.
    Ledig Erf 10 //
  5. Last but not least, Belgian icon Ellis Gourmet Burgers is now flipping burgers in Utrecht!
    Neude 31 //


Photo: Firma Pickles Burgers & Wines


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