blog 5 festivals in Utrecht you should not miss

Our favorite season has arrived: (Food) Festival Season!

Sometimes we forget that spring and summer are the legimitate names of our favorite season: Festival Season (and yes, we believe this season deserves capitals). Why are we so excited about it? Because Utrecht boasts some of Holland's finest festivals, that are the perfect activity for your stay in Dom City (did you know that that is Utrecht's pet name?).
Here are some of our favorites:

1. Maximaal Genieten Food Truck Festival
Although not in the city centre, this festival is well worth the bikeride: it is held in one of Utrecht's most beautiful parks (named after our equally beautiful queen, Maxima) and hosts culinary surprises and must-try's!
Where? Maxima Park, Leidsche Rijn // When? 20-23 May // Info:

2. Lepeltje Lepeltje
Held in Park Lepelenburg, this festival is at the heart of the city, overlooking the canal. Dance, snack, drink and enjoy!
Where? Lepelenburg // When? 24-26 June // Info:

3. Vorkje Prik Food Festival
The location of this festival makes it special: not a park, but above a highway, this festival offers three days of culinary entertainment.
Where? Berlijnplein // When? 26-28 August // Info:

4. Festival DORST
We have great expectations of TREK Festival's little sister! If you're thirsty, go!
Where? Griftpark // When? 2-4 September // Info:

5. Utrecht KOOKT
The largest open air restaurant in the Netherlands. Food Trucks, pop-up restaurants, music, fine wines, a beer garden and much more! Enjoy!
Where? Park Transwijk // When? 9-11 September // Info:

Photo: Festival DORST


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